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Simple Web Hosting is needed by everyone.

Ever get that thing in the box that says it's simple to build, setup, install or operate? You open the box and the instructions are so complex you need the complete staff of MIT or NASA to figure it out. We have all been there.

A lot of today's instruction manuals are written by the same people that create the product. Since they know so much about the product, they forget that the people that will be reading or using it didn't design it. They write the instructions like you know as much as they do about it.  

This type of thing is going to stop here and now 

Simple Hosting makes it's simple and easy.   Lots of instructional videos on everything related to web hosting. 

So if you are a complete novice, it just doesn't get any easier. is where you want your web site hosted.

Let me explain what makes simple hosting easy.

  • Easy to use web control panel from cPanel makes adding and changes the controls for your domain.  Thinks like adding and removing e-mail account, adding program like the WordPress Blogging software.
  • Redesigned cPanel screen, it makes using cPanel even easier 
  • Online videos on what is cPanel and how to use it the simple and easy way 
  • Video Training on how the Internet works. 
  • Video's on how Web Hosting works (From Domain names, Name Server, DNS, email, spam filtering, sub-domain, add-on domains, cron file, file structure, FTP, Error Pages and why you want one, and much more) 
  • Fantastico Program installer (for WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, OSCommerce and many more) 
  • What to do when it all go wrong. 

But let me tell you more about what
makes it simple.

  • Videos and documents that explain it all in simple language. 
  • The video's describe every aspects of web hosting in easy to understand everyday speak. Not in Geek Speak. 
  • We have a nice check list that will help you in choosing the right hosting plan. 
  • Detail instructions (on video) on how to sign up for a hosting account. 

But don't take my word for it. You should check it out yourself. Click the video picture's below and it will open a new window and you will be able to see few of our video.

Simple Hosting Online Video about what is a Doman Name

Simple Web Hosting Online Video on the Basic's of Web Hosting Covering Domain Names, DNS, Name Servers and more

You will learn by watching how simple it is to get things done. It's just like watching any video, but it's viewed over the internet right on your computer. Our video's show you how simple it is to use cPanel and it tools.

This is just the tip of the iceberg that you get with a web hosting account here at Simple Hosting Online.

Web Hosting is the main stays of the internet. A Web page can be used for a lot of purposes.

  • Personal web sites about any subject of interest 
  • Small business web sites: promoting your business 
  • Information Marketing Web Sites 
  • Mini Web Sites 
  • E-Commerce Web Sites 
  • A Blog Site 
  • and any other type of site you can think of 

But that not all you get

We offer a feature that very few
web hosting providers offer.

 It our real time backup and restore feature. 



Very little is ever said about Backup and Restoring of your web site files. Everybody web hosting company said they do backup's. They also tell you that you should backup your web site yourself. Don't get me wrong, you need to keep a backup  copy of your web site on your computer at all times.  

But we take it a step further.

We  employ R1Soft Backup and Restore. We backup's all the web site on every one of our servers, every hour. The real exciting part is, we let you access the backups and you can do the restore yourself, all from within you own cPanel control panel, any time you want.

You never even need to contact us to do a restore for you. You can do it yourself. It is done right from within the cPanel. Just another simple and easy advantage.
Ask the other hosting companies  if they do that!

There is also a web based "Web Site Builder" that you access from your web browser. It has many built in templates, making it easy to build and publish your web site right away.  So if you don't have a web site design program, you can create your own web site, online, right from your Brower. 

So you may be asking yourself, what does this cost?  It must be a lot? Well, it isn't.  We offer 3 web hosting plans.

Bronze          $5.97 Month

Silver            $10.97 Month

Gold             $24.97 Month

Take a look at the Simple Web Hosting plans and all you have to do is to click with your mouse, on the picture of the man holding the sign below.  You will then be taken to our compare plans page. You will see exactly what each plan offers.  

You really should take a couple of minutes checking out our plans.

Simple Web Hosting Compare Plans Businessman. Click me to check out he different plans 

If you have any questions or suggestions, you can contact us using this link and send us a email.   

Now a quick note:
Don't use this link if you have a support issue. 

Click the Support button at the top of the page or this link here.

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